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BridgeTogether, Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Boulder, Colorado.

Our focus is on bridging people, ideas, and resources to create a more humane and balanced world for the wild animals who share this planet with us.

See the exciting campaigns that we are working on!


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  1. Brittan says:

    I am so, so devastated about the recent bear death at Columbia Cemetery. I live right next to the school, and these bears have been around a lot this summer. My heart is broken and I feel called to action. I am so angry with people that leave their trash out, but more with the policies of the DOW. Thank you for this page. I hope to become involved and find more people interested in saving our precious bears.

    • Tiffany O'Meara says:

      The human population that lives up against open space is privileged to live that close nature and wild lands. With that priviledge comes a reponsiblity, to clean up the trash that is killing bears for doing what is natural. Eating. They are basically making a choice to leave a bear-buffet out for all to enjoy. But the price is death. Imagine being shot on your way out of having dinner at a Ponderosa? This website is a gem, a wonderful resource to educate oneself about what can be done and is already in the works. Thanks Brenda for all of your selfless dedication to this magnificent species, and keep up the good work! I for one will surely find a way to volunteer and help bring balance to the current broken system of managing bears in Boulder.
      Tiffany O’Meara

  2. Susan Wolf says:

    Way to go, Brenda. Thank you so very much for starting such an important group to help keep bears wild and safe!

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